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Livraison du bateau - juillet 2017

Amphitrite III fait sur mesure

Amphitrite 3


Custom made ! 

  • A sun cover protects you on the whole boat.

  • A spacious boat for a limited amount of guests (12 passengers max).

  • A central table to share a snack without hindering the traffic on board.

  • A front space specially dedicated to observation.

  • A back space specially designed for fishermen.

 No, the two previous Benoit's boats did not sink !


The third of the name, is the result of 15 years of experience. The Captain designed it for your comfort and safety.

Amphirite III

Technical informations :

  • Homologation 3rd catégory (more than 20km of the ribs) / 18 passengers 

  • 260 ch Volvo engine

  • Length 10m

  • Cane doors

  • Vivier - cooler

Amphitrite à quai

Why Amphitrite ?

In Greek mythology, Amphitrite is a Nereid, and the goddess of the sea, the wife of Poseidon.

She is often represented accompanied by dolphins and sea-horses.

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