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It 's a pretty little town, where life is good and punctuated by fishermen’s activities.


The esplanade of the pier has been recently converted, allowing walkers to stroll pleasantly.

You can enjoy the view of the many bright color boats and timber houses; Come to meet the fishermen who fish A la Sennes (a local fishing technic).

Have fun watching cats patiently waiting for the return of the boats, fishing and dreaming of little balaous (small long-billed fishes).

The beach of Case-Pilote remains uncrowed, swimming is very enjoyable. Youngsters love to jump from the main dock. It is a charming and peaceful stop! 

On the village square, there is a covered market hall where merchants offer you the harvest of their gardens: local fruits, ground provisions, spices and herbs…

At sunset, take the time for a drink on the terrace and admire the silhouettes of the pelicans flying away. Before leaving, stop to admire the charming church of the village, the oldest of the island.

Case-Pilote takes its name from a great Native Amerindian: Chief "Pilote". "Case" means house. The strategic location of the village made it the Martinique‘s easier "gateway to the Caribbean". It is said that this is where the first settlers arrived. "Pilote" and his brother "Arlet" greeted them as guests. History says that at first they lived in good relationships, to the point that "Pilote" gave them his northern territories and moved to "Rivière-Pilote" and his brother to "Anses d'Arlet" (two villages located on the south of the island).

Case-Pilote, by its history and originality, did not finish to surprise you…

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