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Eco-responsible on board !

  • We aim at :

            - Zero single use plastics on board ! Bottles are in glass, cups and straws are re-usable. 

            - Zero waste at sea : We bring back everything at dock ! On board we sort wastes selectively, we throw nothing to the sea, even biodegradable wastes ! Fishes and cetaceans do not feed on banana peels!

·         Amphitrite recycles its wastes ! We sort the wastes we produce at sea and on land !

·         Eco-snacks ! On board we will enjoy food, but where do our products come from ?

             - Fruits from the short circuit: Our fruits suppliers are local producers that you can meet on the market on Thursdays, Tuesdays and Fridays.

Directly from the producer to the consumer, the fruits offered to you are energy efficient (little to no transportation) and respectful of agricultural labor (no intermediary).

             - Fruits from sustainable agriculture : All our fruits suppliers are committed to an environment friendly farming approach.

             - Homemade seafood : The smoked fish and fish rillettes that are offered on board are cooked by our Captain (he received a full training “HACCP” : Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point).

             - Local drinks :  HSE rums, Mont-Pelé juices, Dubois syrups, Le Gallion sugar are all local productions. Our rhum arrangé (a kind of shrub with various local fruits and spices) virgin cocktail and Planteur are 100% Martinican.

·         An eco-kiosk to welcome you ! We make our own cleaning products. The recipe is simple : organic soap, white vinegar, bicarbonate and essential oils !

Eco-responsible on land !

  • Nature is left untouched !

We share our knowledge with you and educate youngsters and elders about the protection of marine environment : fishes, coral reefs, sea grasses, marine mammals and marine seabirds are true local resources

             - We choose to install moorings in wild bays for bathing instead of using anchor that put at risks the seabed that must be urgently protected!

             - We respect the protected areas and inform you about the existence of marine reserves in Martinique.

·         We are fishing responsibly! We respect minimum catch sizes; We use eco-friendly fishing technics and only practice in authorized areas ; You will discover protected species (lambis, sea urchins...) and invasive species (red lionfishes among others) of Martinique. Fishing is a pleasure we all can enjoy without damaging Nature  !

·         We respect cetaceans ! We have signed the whale-watchers AGOA charter and are respecting the speed limitation, times and rules of approach of cetaceans to better preserve them !

·         We value local culture and history ! Benoit will take you to meet fishermen, the exchanges take place in creole ! You can also discover Saint-Pierre history and its volcano, seen from the sea ! Between historical facts, legends, tales and quimbois : will you be able to detangle the true from the false ?

Become eco-responsible customers

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