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croisière dauphins et guide pêche martinique

Our Captain

"Hello I am Benoît ! "

Embark aboard my Amphitrite 3 and get ready to experienced the Caribbean Sea.


The sea is my passion since my youngest age : surfing, sailing, fishing, diving, allowed me to observe from different angles this fascinating element that is the Ocean !

State certified diver, my first vocation was to initiate people to safe explorations of the seabed.

croisière dauphins et guide de pêche martinique

Now the proud holder of the Captain 200 diploma, I can supervise boat trips aboard my third boat.

Delivred in July 2017, Amphitrite 3 is the result of my many experiences. I designed it to allow a safer and more confortable observations of fauna and flora.

 It was also design to reconcile my two activities: wildlife watching and fishing trips.

I am always driven by the same desire: to share the resources of the maritime world with you, with the greatest respect for Nature.


My experience of more than 15 years in Martinique, sharpened my eyes, allowing me to decrypt the sea quickly: here a frigate, there a hunt for tunas, or a breath of Whale, a floating wood ..."

Together we will come closer to the show !


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