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Make your dreams come true ...

Meet the ceteceans and discover Martinique's underwater resources.

Half a day trip, with a limited number of guests to enjoy this moment.​​

8 am - 12 am   

As soon as we leave the Pier in Case-Pilote, we’ll start looking for cetaceans. Watch out! On the road, we can meet many species (dolphins, Humpback whales, Great sperm whales, Pilot whales...)

More than twenty species are present in the French tropical waters!

Do not hesitate to ask questions! Your guide likes to share his scientific knowledge, to tell his anecdotes about marine world and the history of Saint-pierre…


After sailing, the boat stops in crystal clear waters for a refreshing bath ! For tropical fish watching, snorkeling equipment will be provided, unless you have your own!


Once you’re back on board, treat yourself with local food and snacks (exotic fruits platter, fisherman's specialties cooked by captain and local appetizers ...).                                                     

By the way, are you more of a Planteur or a Ti-Punch drinker?

Prices :


50€/-12 years




The observation of cetaceans must be respectful of animals within the framework of the sanctuary AGOA which protects them in all French Caribbean waters. That's why we are committed by being signatories of the approach charter.

Our starting point is at the heart of the spotted dolphins watching area between Case-Pilote and Saint-Pierre. We can find them at the very beginning of our trip, just outside the pier. However, cetaceans live freely and spend a lot of time underwater. You must be patient and watch carefully as we cannot guarantee to see them each time, even if in practice, it rarely happen that we don’t see some.

Regarding the approach of cetaceans in general, please note that the Captain is the sole decision-maker as he is responsible for the safety of the passengers and the respect of the nature.


Thank you for your understanding.

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